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Nathan Brown

Mr. Brown has helped hundreds of families with their immigration matters. From protecting parents from deportation, to helping victims of domestic violence obtain lawful permanent residence, to reuniting spouses, to guiding immigrants to citizenship, to assisting students applying for deferred action and work permits, Mr. Brown is committed to simplifying complex immigration problems for people seeking to establish themselves in the United States.

Services by the Immigration Law Firm

Types of immigration cases handled:

Types of immigration cases handled:

Explore Your Options

Talk to an immigration attorney in person or online to find out what alternatives you have to protect your future here in the United States and select a path that fits your personal, family, financial, work, educational and health situation. Call for a consultation to learn about recent changes to the law on immigration in the United States.

Affordable Payment Plans.

Get help form an immigration attorney to apply for legal immigration status with a monthly payment plan tailored to your financial situation.

Avoid Delays and Denials.

Have your application prepared correctly the first time by an experienced attorney to avoid errors that can result in delays in processing your application or, worse, denial of your application.

Protect Your Family.

Know your rights and empower yourself and the people you love with the latest information and legal representation for the road ahead.


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